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2023 Show at Ann Arbor JCC

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Sue Cutler Solo Art Show

Ann Arbor Jewish Community Center

January 27 to March 10, 2023

I am honored to be preparing to hang my art at the Ann Arbor JCC Friday (January 27).  It is a beautiful space, and I’m thrilled to be asked to show there.  I have been working on new ideas recently: some fiber art mixed media pieces (I’m painting on some of the fabric I use) and some new watercolors.  Reception will be Thursday evening, February 23 from 6-8 with special Jazz guests Jeff and Zoe!

Upcoming Show at Ann Arbor JCC

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January 27 to March 10, 2023 I will have a solo show at the Ann Arbor Jewish Community Center.  There is a beautiful main hallway with plenty of light and room for many works of art, plus a large reception hall.  I will be bringing nearly everything in my house along, so please stop by!  And come to the reception (date TBA).

For more information, email me or call me.  Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Westside Art Hop in Ann Arbor June 11-12, 2022

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I’m really looking forward to the Westside Art Hop again!  Last time, I spent the whole time talking with and meeting new people, and that was the most fun of all!  I’m working on some new pieces–someone asked me last time if I paint goats, and well, no.  But it got me thinking.  I just happen to have a few photos that I have taken of goats, and so I hope they will join me at the Art Hop!

I will let you all know when I know where I will be.  Please stop by!

Westside Art Hop Facebook Page

Call for Used Canvases

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A couple of weeks ago, I was participating in the Ann Arbor Westside Art Hop, and I enjoyed talking with so many different people!  One topic that came up was finding a way to reuse old canvases from art that maybe isn’t to a person’s taste any longer (or was passed down from a family elder, and doesn’t fit your lifestyle).  I have been interested in finding ways to increase environmental sustainability, and one way I have done so is to reuse a canvas that was previously painted.

I have done this on several of my pieces.  Some I let a little of the old artwork show through, like in this one:

Others I have covered over the entire old painting, but still some brush strokes come through:

In any case, the old painting needs to be sanded to prepare the surface for the new paint to adhere properly.  The sanding is work, but it feels good to know that I’ve kept something out of the landfill, and that something new will be created out of this old treasure.

If you would like to donate an old canvas to me, please let me know!  Thank you!