About Me


Art Is About Play

Art brings us together.   Even though art is a solitary activity, connecting with people is a centrally important part of making art.

Art expresses something within me, which without art, has no voice.  To me, art is the language that speaks to our yearnings and connection across the divide of us being separate people.  Painting helps me be in the present moment of existence, where time recedes and color and shape are the focus of my attention.


Creativity Is My Thing

I have been interested in art since being a young child, but it took me almost 50 years before I had the confidence to paint. Before that, I had sewn and quilted, taken photographs, and been a huge fan of Impressionism and contemporary art and everything in between.

Alongside my artistic development, I began my career as a computer programmer, having graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. I went on to study Statistics, but found that I wanted to do work that was more personal and used the right side of my brain more.  So I transitioned over to Psychology, getting my PhD at Michigan, and training in Psychoanalysis at the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute.

In some nonverbal way, art is a synergistic complement to my daily psychoanalytic work with patients.  Art has the capacity to contain and hold us through difficult times—emotionally, medically, culturally, societally.  Psychoanalysis works on these same needs, but through a different lens, with different tools, and it is a real pleasure to have these two outlets together.



Oil Painting and Watercolors

My recent work is focused on taking landscape motifs and simplifying them—distilling them down to their essential form, but emphasizing color and playfulness.

Many of these compositions are based on rural scenes from around the State of Michigan.  Michigan is a quietly beautiful state, and it is a pleasure and honor to show that in my art.


If you want something special, talk to me and I will make it for you