Who am I? 

I am an Artist and Psychoanalyst. In my artwork, I strive to capture some emotional resonance in order to fill our yearning to feel whole and understood.  I love color, composition, and contradiction.  We live in a complex world.  We are endowed with mind and body and forever this dual consciousness perplexes us.  We are torn between individuality and connection, and often between emotion and thought.  I want to create art that people connect with on different levels, but most importantly, emotionally.

Recently, I have also begun to use watercolors.  I’ve been especially drawn to that during of the Covid-19 pandemic in order to broaden my ability to be expressive.  I also paint in oils, and love the feel and textures that can be created.  I have been a Psychoanalyst Psychologist for many years, and began exploring oil painting as a serious hobby in 2011, although I have found one form or another of artistic expression since childhood.  My body of work explores dialectics of these opposites: past and present, nature and human intervention/technology, rural and urban, ephemeral and eternal. 

I have always loved the outdoors, and enjoy a variety of active outdoor pursuits.  One thing that makes those experiences special to me is the thrill of being in nature, and part of nature, and to look at the beauty that exists in so many ways that I can see when I slow down and take a look.

Michigan is my adopted state for 30 years now!  The pastoral landscapes have been influential to my art.  I began enjoying Michigan’s natural beauty by enjoying bicycle rides past city boundaries and into the country.  Quiet country roads that crisscross through forests and farmland became a way to connect with the land and refuel emotionally.  Painting, as well as other forms of artistic creativity, balance out the highly verbal aspect of the work I do, and help me to gain insight into the unspoken and unspeakable essence of human experience.

I invite you to follow me on Instagram @suecutlerart for the most up-to-date photos of my newest work.  I post there most quickly.